Alt-right social media platform Parler has been kicked to the curb by Apple, Google, Amazon, and basically every other company it could possibly do business with, but a glance at the Play Store top app charts might leave you confused — if you can’t spell, anyway. Somehow “social talking app” Parlor has hit #3 on the Play Store.

Clearly, a whole lot of folks are unable to divine the difference between these two apps given their similar spelling and social slant. While most of our readers should be familiar with Parler given the effect it’s had on recent events (conservative extremists used the unmoderated social media platform to organize an insurrection on the US capitol which resulted in five deaths), Parlor with an “o” simply connects you to other users to chat about a selected topic.

The platform initially launched as back in 2011 and has cruised silently through the last near-decade of life, dropping the “.fm” suffix and accruing a total of six million users in that time, according to the company. The Play Store app listing dates to 2014 according to AppBrain and claims merely 1,000,000+ installs and was last updated in July of 2020.