7 simple ways to speed up your smartphone – Komando

7 simple ways to speed up your smartphone – Komando

Few things in life are more frustrating than a slow smartphone. You spend all this money on the latest technology only to have it crawl when you need it most.

Many factors can affect your phone’s performance. It could be something as simple as having too many apps open at once. Maybe your storage space is close to full.

You could upgrade to an expensive new phone, but you’ll eventually run into the same problems unless you take steps to fix what’s behind them. Here are some tips to get your smartphone running fast and smooth again.

1. The classic: Turn it on and off again

You’ve heard about turning your computer off and on again to diagnose a problem or get things running. The same applies to your smartphone. When you power your phone down then up again, you clear the RAM (random access memory). Busy RAM is a major culprit in slowdowns. You may think that closing all your apps solves the issue, but they could leave remnants of themselves in the RAM.

Turning your phone off and on again frees up the RAM and truly ends all running applications. Try it every once in a while and you should notice a performance improvement.