The Oatmeal’s creator says his new game is a way to ‘play the comic’ – The Verge

The Oatmeal’s creator says his new game is a way to ‘play the comic’ – The Verge

The creator of The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, released a new cat-themed mobile word game called Kitty Letter earlier this week that feels like playing one of his silly comic strips. That feeling was intentional, Inman told me.

“My comics have always been rhetorical,” he said. “You don’t interact with the comic, you have no say in it, you’re just experiencing it. So, with [Kitty Letter], I got a chance to introduce some elements where people get to play the comic, and I thought that was a lot of fun.”

Kitty Letter has a structure that Inman described as “Scrabble combined with Clash Royale.” Your goal is to beat your opponent by spelling words from a combination of letters at the bottom of your phone’s screen. When you spell a word, you’ll send a small army of cats up an invisible “lane” toward your opponent. Meanwhile, your opponent is sending armies of cats to try and defeat you.

The game was actually going to be multiplayer-only at first, Inman told me. This might be surprising for those who’ve played the game, since it has a robust story mode spanning 13 chapters. But that story mode was born from creating the game’s tutorial, said Inman.

“I started drawing this tutorial on how to play, and then the tutorial became that single-player mode, where you have this neighbor that moves in and tells the whole story about him,” Inman