The Best Fleet Management Software for 2021 – Investopedia

The Best Fleet Management Software for 2021 – Investopedia

Bottom Line

Fleet management software puts data about your vehicles, equipment, and employees into one central dashboard. With user-friendly applications, fleet managers can assign tasks, optimize routes, and proactively plan for maintenance. Some platforms include GPS tracking via cell phone or hardware that connects to your asset. However, not all services satisfy government regulations for inspections, tracking hours, and dashcam requirements. Furthermore, some tools require training, whereas others you can jump right into using. 

Fleetio is our top pick for the best fleet management software. The cloud-based program is user-friendly and suitable for both small companies and large enterprises. Its mobile apps receive high reviews, and the company offers plenty of self-service options online. Moreover, Fleetio is Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant and provides affordable monthly plans.

Compare Providers

Company Wins For Key Features
Fleetio Best Overall Top-rated mobile apps and intuitive tools for companies of all sizes
Momentum IoT Best Value Free GPS devices, zero startup costs, and low monthly prices
USFleetTracking Best Customer Support Tons of self-service options and responsive customer service
Avrios Best for Ease of use Free plan, designate tasks to